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Andy Cash on Fox 5 Atlanta regarding risk of injury in home elevators (November 16, 2015)

Andy Cash tells Fox 5 the child who narrowly escapes tragedy in a residential elevator is “one in a million.” Most children caught between the doors of a residential elevator suffer crushing injuries, like two of Cash’s clients featured in the piece.

Andy Cash in the Northside Neighbor (November 13, 2015)

We’re proud of partner Andy Cash’s work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the awareness he’s brought to families living with Type 1 Diabetes.


Alwyn Fredericks on 11Alive WXIA Atlanta regarding KIA Recall (October 21, 2015)

The NBC station in Atlanta highlighted one of Cash, Krugler & Fredericks’ latest cases involving a recall of certain Kia Sorentos from 2011-2013. CKF’s client Sonya Bady was seriously injured when a child slipped a neighbor’s Kia out of park, and the Sorento rolled down a hill, crushing our client’s leg between the Sorento and another car. Alwyn Fredericks revealed to WXIA that his research shows the faulty gear shift is not a new issue for the Sorento. In fact, the model has had this problem for years. “Now Kia comes out and says ‘we’re recalling the vehicle,’ and that’s great,” Fredericks said. “We’re glad they’re doing that. But the reality of it is that Kia knew or should have known about this since 2011.” CKF points out the gear can slip out of park so easily even a child can do it, such as in Bady’s case.

Watch the WXIA Atlanta video here:

Alwyn Fredericks on 11Alive WXIA Atlanta regarding KIA Recall (October 21, 2015)

Alwyn Fredericks on 11Alive WXIA Atlanta regarding KIA Recall (October 21, 2015)


Andy Cash on ABC WAAY 31 and FOX 54 in Huntsville, Alabama (October 19, 2015)

Cash, Krugler & Fredericks was interviewed by ABC and FOX affiliates about the firm’s efforts to get the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to establish rules and issue a national recall for hazardous residential elevators. Recently, a five-year-old Huntsville girl was nearly crushed in a home elevator, similar to the one that entrapped and catastrophically injured CKF’s three-year-old client, Jacob Helvey. In the Helvey case, CKF built an exemplar elevator and performed testing with children of all ages to show how easy it is for children to become entrapped between the elevator doors. Andy Cash summarized the hazard in the ABC and FOX story, as follows: “In a nutshell, the space between the two doors is too big, and the kids get stuck, and whether they’re playing hide and go seek, or they’re young and just don’t realize it, it’s almost always catastrophic injury or death.” – read the article

Watch the FOX54 video here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.45.12 PM

Andy Cash on FOX 54 in Huntsville, Alabama (October 19, 2015)


Elevator Safety Campaign

After reaching  a settlement for the Helvey family in the tragic case of their young son, Jacob, who was severely injured in their home elevator, the partners at Cash, Krugler & Fredericks have been taking steps to ensure that the public is aware of the dangers of home elevators. They alerted news media and Dana Fowle of Fox 5 produced a five-part series on home elevator safety that began in November, 2013. She won an Emmy for the series and presented it to the Helvey family. You can view the series here.


Still from Dana Fowle’s five-part series on home elevator safety.


Andy Cash on CBS

Andy Cash appeared on CBS This Morning on November 10, 2014 to discuss the lack of oversight for in-home elevators. The feature focused on the Nelson family, a firm client, whose son Jordan was seriously injured in a rental home last fall.

Watch the video here:

Andy Cash on CBS.

Andy Cash on CBS.


Andy Cash on Fox 5

Andy Cash appeared on Fox 5 in July, 2014 in a continuing series on elevator safety. This segment was about a client of Cash, Krugler & Fredericks, the Nelson family. Their young son was seriously injuried in an elevator in a rental home during a family reunion in Myrtle Beach last Thanksgiving.

Andy Cash appears on Fox 5.

Andy Cash appears on Fox 5.


Dave Krugler in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dave Krugler’s guest column on black box technology in cars appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in September, 2013. He cited the case of a Cash, Krugler & Fredericks’ client who suffered injuries in a car accident. The firm could prove she was not at fault in the accident by accessing the data on the black box on her car, which provided unimpeachable evidence that she was not speeding.

Dave Krugler’s guest column on black box technology in cars.

Dave Krugler’s guest column on black box technology in cars.

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