Spinal Cord Injuries

  Spinal cord injuries are one of the most severe consequences of accidents caused by the negligence of others. The injuries are often permanent and require a lifetime of medical care and treatment that is costly ..

Essure Complications and Litigation

There are many forms of birth control available to those wishing to avoid pregnancy. Certain methods are permanent like a vasectomy and tubal ligation, while others are temporary like the birth control pill or condoms. When ..

Alwyn Fredericks chaired the Georgia Lawyers Association’s Annual 2017 Auto Torts Workshop

Alwyn Fredericks chaired the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association's Annual 2017 Auto Torts Workshop in Mirimar Beach, Florida.

Nursing Home Abuse: Are Your Loved Ones Being Cared for Properly?

  Nursing homes, including assisted living facilities, care for the elderly and people with special needs who require long-term continuous medical care. The decision to place a family member in a nursing home can be extremely difficult ..

Camping Accidents and Liability Waivers

During the summer, many people and outdoor enthusiasts flock to the outdoors to explore nature. Whether planning a family adventure or the kids are being sent to camp for a few weeks, campers are often ..

Gym and Fitness Center Accidents

People frequent gyms and fitness centers in an effort to improve their overall health and up their fitness game. In addition to other gym patrons and staff, there is a great deal of exercise equipment ..

Amusement and Theme Park Accidents

With kids out of school and families taking vacations, many choose to visit a theme or amusement park. Approximately, 335 million people visit theme parks annually, according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and ..

Andrew Cash Presents at Georgia Trial Lawyer Association’s CLE

Andrew Cash recently spoke at a CLE held by the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association.  His presentation explained identifying and maximizing the damages in brain injury cases.

Andrew Cash Co-chairs Section at the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association’s Annual Convention

Andrew Cash co-chaired the Closing Arguments section for GTLA's Annual Convention this year. He focused on bringing a lineup of speakers that could educate attorneys on the different methods of closing arguments.

JRDF’s Georgia Chapter Presents Andrew & Donna Cash with the Barbara and Duke Roos Living and Giving Award

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) presented Andrew and Donna Cash with the Duke and Barbara Roos Living & Giving Award, at this year’s Hope for a Cure Gala, for their service and dedication to JRDF ..

Class Action Lawsuits

  Class action lawsuits are civil lawsuits filed by a group of people who experienced the same or similar injuries following the use of a product or service. Usually filed based on the theory of negligence, ..

Restaurant Liability for Dangerous Conditions

  Dangerous conditions can make a business unsafe for people who visit the business. In a restaurant, slippery floors due to uncleaned spills and failure to post signs of a dangerous walkway, hallway, or room, for ..

Moldy Bed Sheets in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Hotels

Mold affects both the home and the people inside the home. The structural integrity of the home or building is compromised when mold festers and spreads. The health of the people and pets that live ..

Escalator, Elevator, and Moving Walkway Accidents

  Escalators, elevators, and moving walkways help move large quantities of people from place to place, helping keep crowds flowing and moving towards another floor or exit. Found in shopping centers, airports, railway stations, subway stations, ..

Who is Liable for Injuries from Elevator Accidents in Condominiums?

Elevators are a common feature in commercial and residential buildings. The housing boom of the last decade produced residential condominium complexes with state-of-the-art elevators that could transport many people to units around the complex quickly. ..

Riding an Escalator Can Be Dangerous

An escalator is a moving staircase, found in buildings and public spaces like airports, shopping centers, and train stations.  Escalators assist in transporting people from one floor to the next with little effort by the ..

CKF Sponsors Hot Cocoa Bar at The Shepherd Center

CKF sponsored a hot cocoa bar at The Shepherd Center for the center's staff, patients and families.  CKF enjoys volunteering at the Shepherd Center and getting the opportunity to spend time with the center's patients ..

Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Several class action lawsuits are underway across the United States to compensate women for ovarian cancer that has been linked to the use of talcum powder, especially if the talcum powder was used in the ..

Another Tragic Elevator Accident

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, a home elevator accident devastated yet another family.  Authorities were called out to a home in the Heights neighborhood of Little Rock, Arkansas, where they discovered two-year-old Fletcher Hartz trapped ..

Do Seat Belts Make Atlanta School Buses Safer?

  On January 20, a breaking news alert was issued on a local morning television program, advising viewers that two people and a child were injured in a school bus crash in Coweta County. The bus ..