Atlanta Pools, Premises Liability, and Attractive Nuisances

CBS Atlanta News recently reported on the tragedy of a child drowned in an apartment complex pool. The child, evading the attention of his mother, began swimming in the apartment complex’s pool by himself and ..

CK&F Receives Verdict of $4.7 Million for Wrongful Death in Medical Malpractice Case

CK&F's Andrew Cash and David Krugler tried a medical malpractice case against a physician and his clinic for causing the death of a 78-year old woman.   The decedent sought treatment with the physician, for a ..

Proper Signage Can Save Lives and Lawsuits

Proper Warnings and Premises Liability Tragedy struck an Oklahoma family at Disney World recently. A two-year-old child, ankle deep in water, was snatched by an alligator and pulled into a lagoon on the premises of the ..

Nationwide Recall of Potentially Deadly Airbags Expands in Scope

The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that it will recall an additional 35-40 million air bag inflators produced the company Takata. The recall, a part of the largest ..

Death of an At-Fault Driver: Who Will Pay for Your Injuries?

Death of an At-Fault Driver: Who Will Pay for Your Injuries? It is common sense to think that if you are hit by another car and the other driver is at fault that you should seek ..

The Elderly and the Cost of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries

The Elderly and the Cost of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries Traumatic spinal cord injuries are some of the most serious injuries a person can sustain. Not only can have they have long-lasting and severely debilitating effects ..

Are You at Risk for Chrysler Defect Injuries?

 Recently, Chrysler has undergone major recalls on various vehicular makes. Everything from the 2005 Chrysler SRT8 to the 2015 Chrysler 200 has been under review by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), bringing to ..

What Your Insurance Can Do for You in Auto Accidents

Inattentive, distracted drivers are everywhere. Often, these drivers do not take into the account the wellbeing of others, and thus are the cause of many accidents. If you have been injured or have been in ..

Laura Shelley v. Eagle Parking, LLC

Alwyn Fredericks and Ken Barré, of Cash, Krugler and Fredericks, recently tried Laura Shelley v. Eagle Parking, LLC in Fulton County State Court in front of Judge Wesley Tailor. Sharon Andrews, of the Law Office ..

Listeria Bacteria Forces Recalls in Major Food Brands

Food tainted with Listeria bacteria continues to dominate news cycles in the United States. The latest food feared to be contaminated is sunflower seeds, present in several well-known and prominent brands. While no one is ..

Georgia Considers Special Trucking Lanes to Protect Drivers

As part of a broader transportation initiative announced earlier this year by Gov. Nathan Deal, the state of Georgia is considering installing semi-only lanes for truck traffic in certain areas within the state. While relieving ..

What Happens if I am in an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle?

When you are in a car accident with another driver, the issue is usually pretty simple. It might not feel easy to deal with insurance companies, but there are no questions of law. If someone ..

I Think I Was Hurt by a Defective Vehicle

Not every car accident is caused by driver error. In recent years, it seems to be more common for vehicle defects to lead to crashes or to exacerbate situations. There have been countless vehicle recalls ..

Product Liability: Understanding Improper Warnings

Our lives are filled with different products that we use frequently throughout the day, from our homes to our cars and just about everything in between. Each of those products can be filled with a ..

CK&F At GTLA’s Annual Convention

CK&F's David Krugler and Alwyn Fredericks were a part of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association's Annual Convention. Alwyn Fredericks was a co-chair for the trucking program on Ten Ways to Be a Better Truck Accident Attorney. ..

Alwyn Fredericks Speaks at GSIPP’s Annual Pain Summit

Alwyn Fredericks was invited to speak at this year's Annual Pain Summit for the Georgia Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. He presented on the topic Medical Malpractice: What does the pain physician need to be aware of?

CK&F Sponsors The Side By Side Brain Injury Clubhouse’s Charity Basketball Game

For the fourth consecutive year, CK&F was the lead sponsor for the Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse’s charity basketball game, Sawbones v. Jawbones.  Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse is a bridge of support for ..

Andrew Cash Presents at ICLE Seminar Regarding Brain Injury Cases

Andrew Cash recently spoke to attorneys at the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLA) for the State Bar of Georgia on the topic of “Litigating Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Cases.”

GM Ignition Switch Recall

Automobile accidents happen. But when an accident happens due to a defect in a car – a defect that the manufacturer knew about but did not correct or warn about – the accident is all ..


Alwyn Fredericks spoke to the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association on the recent development on apportionment laws here in Georgia.