The Dangers of Brain and Spine Injuries in Children

A few weeks ago, two children riding their bikes were struck by a vehicle in Atlanta, resulting in serious brain and spine injuries to one of the children. Unfortunately, that child did not make it. ..

Major League Baseball Opening Day, A Reminder for Athletes to Play Safely

Major League Baseball Opening Day is April 3rd. Players will step up to the plate to use everything they’ve got. No matter how strong they are, they’re still at risk for injuries on the field, ..

New Year, New Look, Same Message

While a new year has just begun, Cash Krugler Fredericks got a jump on our new year and our new look a little early. You may have noticed our frequent informative blogs, multiple media appearances, ..

How Protected is Your Child on the School Bus?

The holidays have passed, the New Year has begun and for most of us, today is the day we get back to work after enjoying a couple of weeks of half days and days off. ..

Gifter Beware: Tricky Manufacturer Protections

This year, hoverboards are the “hot” holiday toy – so hot, they are actually catching on fire after exploding. In the U.S., the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is investigating incidents of the self-balancing skateboards bursting ..

Truck Accidents: Atlanta Tops List of Worst Truck Traffic

In November, the renowned news website Vox cited the National Highway Traffic Association’s declaration that I-285 in Atlanta is America’s deadliest interstate. One week after that, the American Transportation Research Institute revealed the nation’s worst ..

Is Your Auto Insurance Protecting Your Family?

Our firm has extensive experience representing clients injured in automobile and trucking accidents, and we know from experience that it’s really important for you to carry insurance, and make sure it’s the right kind of ..

Burn Victim Trains to Help Others with Skin Tattoos

In January, the inspiring story of Basma Hameed, a young woman making a difference in the lives of burn victims, was picked up by various media outlets. As a toddler in Iraq, Basma was badly ..

Our Brains, Without Oxygen

  Our brains are needy. They use one-fifth of our body’s total energy, more than any other organ. Twenty percent of the oxygen we take in goes straight to the brain. When our supply of oxygen ..

Deadly Guardrails Still on Georgia Highways

Earlier this month, we reported on the defective ET-Plus guardrail. Manufactured by Trinity Industries, these guardrails are on highways across the nation and here in Georgia. This dangerous guardrail is responsible for deaths and horrific ..

5 Ways to Avoid Drunk Driving

Gas is cheap now and it’s the holidays. Both of those factors mean a lot of people will be traveling on the highways this weekend. And with tonight being New Year’s Eve, many of those drivers ..

Got Whiplash? When to Seek Medical Treatment

  Acceleration-deceleration injuries, often called whiplash, are a common cause of head injury. Whiplash is an apt nickname as these injuries are caused by a severe jerk, like the cracking of a whip, of the head ..

Teens Engage in #1 Form of Distracted Driving

Most Americans drive everyday as a necessity. Perhaps that’s why we forget just how dangerous driving is. But thousands of people are killed every year in traffic fatalities and many more are wounded in car ..

Privacy Not a Concern with Black Boxes in Cars

When most of us hear the words “black box” we think about flights that ended in tragedy and a downed airplane. On an airplane, a black box is actually two separate components: a cockpit voice ..

Brain Donation Registry Advances Research into Brain Injuries

For all the amazing discoveries made about the human body, our brains are still a mystery. Our minds are as fascinating as they are frustrating to fully understand. This is especially true of brain injury. Millions ..