It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

‘Tis the season for parties and celebrations! We encourage everyone to have a jolly holiday season, but we hope you’ll take some steps to make sure it’s a safe one, too. If you’re going to drink ..

Truck Accidents: Atlanta Tops List of Worst Truck Traffic

In November, the renowned news website Vox cited the National Highway Traffic Association’s declaration that I-285 in Atlanta is America’s deadliest interstate. One week after that, the American Transportation Research Institute revealed the nation’s worst ..

Is Your Auto Insurance Protecting Your Family?

Our firm has extensive experience representing clients injured in automobile and trucking accidents, and we know from experience that it’s really important for you to carry insurance, and make sure it’s the right kind of ..

There’s No Such Thing as a “Small” Brain Injury

Life can change in an instant. For Jewel Wicker, that moment came when she was struck from behind by a refrigerated truck while stopped at a red light. Her car was crushed and she was ..

Hitting the Road this Holiday? Make Sure Your Car Isn’t Involved in Any Recalls

As you get ready to hit the road this Thanksgiving, make sure that your car is not included in one of the many recent recalls. It seems almost every day we hear about another automobile recall, ..

Deadly Guardrails Still on Georgia Highways

Earlier this month, we reported on the defective ET-Plus guardrail. Manufactured by Trinity Industries, these guardrails are on highways across the nation and here in Georgia. This dangerous guardrail is responsible for deaths and horrific ..