Privacy Not a Concern with Black Boxes in Cars

When most of us hear the words “black box” we think about flights that ended in tragedy and a downed airplane. On an airplane, a black box is actually two separate components: a cockpit voice ..

Support for People with TBI at Side by Side Clubhouse

The days following a major traumatic brain injury are the beginning of what can be a long, sometimes never-ending path to recovery. Our brains are delicate and intricate and how a traumatic brain injury affects ..

Play Hockey, But Keep it Safe

Hockey is exhilarating. The feeling of flying down the ice, chasing down the puck and the other team is hard to beat. I played AAA level hockey growing up and am currently a certified coach. I ..

Brain Donation Registry Advances Research into Brain Injuries

For all the amazing discoveries made about the human body, our brains are still a mystery. Our minds are as fascinating as they are frustrating to fully understand. This is especially true of brain injury. Millions ..

Concussions Most Common Head Injury for Student Athletes

To the relief of a lot of parents (and maybe a few kids) summer vacation has ended. With the smell of fresh notebooks and pencils in the air, our children have gone back to class. ..

New Hope for Early Diagnosis of Brain Injuries

As partners at Cash, Krugler and Fredericks, we have witnessed the effects of traumatic brain injuries many times over. No two cases are alike. The effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be long ..