Hypoxic Brain Injuries in Infants Treated with Hypothermia

We need oxygen so much that even a brief interlude without it can cause lasting brain damage. Brain damage caused by the total deprivation of air is called anoxic injury; brain damage caused by partial ..

Burn Victim Trains to Help Others with Skin Tattoos

In January, the inspiring story of Basma Hameed, a young woman making a difference in the lives of burn victims, was picked up by various media outlets. As a toddler in Iraq, Basma was badly ..

Home Safety: Prevent Fires During the Holidays

Hundreds of thousands of home fires happen every year in the United States. Although the number of fatalities and injuries is on the decline, thousands die or are injured in fires annually, with fires occurring ..

Defect in Home Led to Tragic Fire and Burn Injuries

When my partners and I opened the doors of Cash, Krugler & Fredericks, we knew we didn’t want to be a volume firm. We chose to keep our caseload small and do our utmost to ..