Elevator Death Exposes Common Myths Regarding Safety

The recent tragic death of a New York man who was crushed while exiting an elevator in his apartment building highlights many issues about the safety of these machines.  (Link to article).  It also forces ..

CKF’s Campaign gets Senate’s attention after Washington Post article!

We have the Senate's attention! (Read more here.) Let's hope this keeps moving toward the solution of a full recall of home elevators.
Injured Nurse Files Elevator Accident Lawsuit Against Hospital

Injured Nurse Files Elevator Accident Lawsuit Against Hospital

A Texas nurse injured at the hospital where she works recently filed an elevator accident lawsuit against her employer, claiming the company and its elevator maintenance contractor were negligent and caused her serious injuries. The ..

CKF’s Campaign for a National Recall Featured in the Washington Post

For the last six years, our law firm has advocated for a nationwide recall of home elevators. For years, children have been crushed and killed because of a design flaw. We filed a petition for ..

Young Boy Hospitalized After Foot Becomes Trapped in Escalator at Macy’s

A young boy was seriously injured at a Chicago-area Macy’s store when his foot became trapped in an escalator, requiring hospitalization and resulting in the machine being shut down for inspection while emergency responders investigated ..

Elevator Emergencies

Last month an 82-year-old man in Denver was found dead in an inoperable parking garage elevator at an apartment complex undergoing renovations.  Preliminary reports indicate that the man summoned help twice by pushing the emergency ..