Young Boy Hospitalized After Foot Becomes Trapped in Escalator at Macy’s

A young boy was seriously injured at a Chicago-area Macy’s store when his foot became trapped in an escalator, requiring hospitalization and resulting in the machine being shut down for inspection while emergency responders investigated ..

Elevator Emergencies

Last month an 82-year-old man in Denver was found dead in an inoperable parking garage elevator at an apartment complex undergoing renovations.  Preliminary reports indicate that the man summoned help twice by pushing the emergency ..

Escalator, Elevator, and Moving Walkway Accidents

  Escalators, elevators, and moving walkways help move large quantities of people from place to place, helping keep crowds flowing and moving towards another floor or exit. Found in shopping centers, airports, railway stations, subway stations, ..

Who is Liable for Injuries from Elevator Accidents in Condominiums?

Elevators are a common feature in commercial and residential buildings. The housing boom of the last decade produced residential condominium complexes with state-of-the-art elevators that could transport many people to units around the complex quickly. ..

Another Tragic Elevator Accident

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, a home elevator accident devastated yet another family.  Authorities were called out to a home in the Heights neighborhood of Little Rock, Arkansas, where they discovered two-year-old Fletcher Hartz trapped ..

The Danger of Construction and Elevators

A pre-Christmas elevator accident turned deadly in New York.  According to reports, a construction worker died after plunging three stories down an elevator shaft. The victim was climbing a ladder when he fell from the ..