Who is Liable for Injuries from Elevator Accidents in Condominiums?

Elevators are a common feature in commercial and residential buildings. The housing boom of the last decade produced residential condominium complexes with state-of-the-art elevators that could transport many people to units around the complex quickly. ..

Another Tragic Elevator Accident

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, a home elevator accident devastated yet another family.  Authorities were called out to a home in the Heights neighborhood of Little Rock, Arkansas, where they discovered two-year-old Fletcher Hartz trapped ..

The Danger of Construction and Elevators

A pre-Christmas elevator accident turned deadly in New York.  According to reports, a construction worker died after plunging three stories down an elevator shaft. The victim was climbing a ladder when he fell from the ..

Safety Measures Could Have Prevented Elevator Tragedy

 A six-week-old infant died after falling with her mother down an elevator shaft in a New York apartment building. According to witnesses and police reports, the young mother was attempting to push her child’s stroller ..

Recent Elevator Explosion Highlights Hidden Hazards

An explosion recently shook the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia, PA. It was not a bomb that blew out windows and caused a forced evacuation of the building, but an elevator malfunction so powerful that ..

This Spring Break, Go the Extra Mile to Be Safe

If you’re headed to the beach or another vacation destination this spring, Cash Krugler Fredericks has some tips to help keep you and your family safe. If you’re driving, make sure you have the proper automobile ..