Basketball Fans Injured After Escalator Malfunction at Arena

Basketball Fans Injured After Escalator Malfunction at Arena

Multiple sports fans were recently injured after an escalator malfunction at KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The accident took place as fans exited the area after viewing the University of Louisville women’s basketball team ..

Young Boy Hospitalized After Foot Becomes Trapped in Escalator at Macy’s

A young boy was seriously injured at a Chicago-area Macy’s store when his foot became trapped in an escalator, requiring hospitalization and resulting in the machine being shut down for inspection while emergency responders investigated ..

Family Files Lawsuit Against Supermarket After Child Loses Fingers in Escalator Accident

A Utah family recently filed an escalator injury lawsuit against a supermarket chain after their child tragically lost two of her fingers in a catastrophic escalator accident. The lawsuit also names the escalator manufacturer as ..

West Virginia Woman Wins $375,000 in Escalator Injury Lawsuit

A West Virginia woman recently secured justice after she was able to reach a settlement in her escalator injury lawsuit with a Virginia business that had fiercely contested liability in the case, hiring several experts ..

Pennsylvania Man Sues Pittsburgh International Airport Over Escalator Injury

A Pennsylvania man recently filed an escalator injury lawsuit against Pittsburgh International Airport and the Allegheny Airport Authority after allegedly suffering a serious knee injury while on a malfunctioning escalator last November. The lawsuit also ..

Georgia Company Sued Over Moving Walkway Injuries

A Wisconsin retail chain recently filed a lawsuit against an elevator company over allegations that the latter produced and maintained defective moving walkways that caused several accidents that led to personal injuries. According to the ..