Police Charge Truck Driver in Crash That Killed Seven

Police Charge Truck Driver in Crash That Killed Seven

Massachusetts police recently arrested the 23-year-old driver of a truck involved in a deadly collision with a group of motorcyclists in which seven of the riders were killed and three others were severely injured. The ..
Catastrophic Accident Highlights Dangers of Big Trucks

Catastrophic Accident Highlights Dangers of Big Trucks

Trucking is the lifeblood that keeps industry moving in America. Nearly 70% of all freight moved in the country is done so by truck. With so much being moved by so many large commercial vehicles, ..

21 People Injured Following MARTA Bus Crash

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that during the morning rush hour traffic in early September, a MARTA bus driver experienced a medical emergency and passed out as he was driving. The bus veered off the road ..

Georgia Appellate Court Denies State Sovereign Immunity Claim

Many State Agencies and Employees Have Immunity From Tort Actions but Immunity May Be Waived in Certain Circumstances A Georgia Appellate court recently denied a state agency’s claim of sovereign immunity in a case involving the ..

Georgia Considers Special Trucking Lanes to Protect Drivers

As part of a broader transportation initiative announced earlier this year by Gov. Nathan Deal, the state of Georgia is considering installing semi-only lanes for truck traffic in certain areas within the state. While relieving ..

Truck Accidents: Atlanta Tops List of Worst Truck Traffic

In November, the renowned news website Vox cited the National Highway Traffic Association’s declaration that I-285 in Atlanta is America’s deadliest interstate. One week after that, the American Transportation Research Institute revealed the nation’s worst ..