Gym and Fitness Center Accidents

People frequent gyms and fitness centers in an effort to improve their overall health and up their fitness game. In addition to other gym patrons and staff, there is a great deal of exercise equipment ..

Class Action Lawsuits

  Class action lawsuits are civil lawsuits filed by a group of people who experienced the same or similar injuries following the use of a product or service. Usually filed based on the theory of negligence, ..

Moldy Bed Sheets in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Hotels

Mold affects both the home and the people inside the home. The structural integrity of the home or building is compromised when mold festers and spreads. The health of the people and pets that live ..

Riding an Escalator Can Be Dangerous

An escalator is a moving staircase, found in buildings and public spaces like airports, shopping centers, and train stations.  Escalators assist in transporting people from one floor to the next with little effort by the ..