Gym and Fitness Center Accidents

People frequent gyms and fitness centers in an effort to improve their overall health and up their fitness game. In addition to other gym patrons and staff, there is a great deal of exercise equipment ..

Amusement and Theme Park Accidents

With kids out of school and families taking vacations, many choose to visit a theme or amusement park. Approximately, 335 million people visit theme parks annually, according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and ..

Restaurant Liability for Dangerous Conditions

  Dangerous conditions can make a business unsafe for people who visit the business. In a restaurant, slippery floors due to uncleaned spills and failure to post signs of a dangerous walkway, hallway, or room, for ..

Old Buildings, Collapsing Facades, and Georgia Premises Liability Law

An Atlanta woman was hospitalized recently after part of a building facade collapsed on her. The building in question is part of a strip mall. The fallen awning caused damage to cars outside and even ..

Atlanta Pools, Premises Liability, and Attractive Nuisances

CBS Atlanta News recently reported on the tragedy of a child drowned in an apartment complex pool. The child, evading the attention of his mother, began swimming in the apartment complex’s pool by himself and ..

Proper Signage Can Save Lives and Lawsuits

Proper Warnings and Premises Liability Tragedy struck an Oklahoma family at Disney World recently. A two-year-old child, ankle deep in water, was snatched by an alligator and pulled into a lagoon on the premises of the ..