Catastrophic Accident Highlights Dangers of Big Trucks

Catastrophic Accident Highlights Dangers of Big Trucks

Trucking is the lifeblood that keeps industry moving in America. Nearly 70% of all freight moved in the country is done so by truck. With so much being moved by so many large commercial vehicles, ..

Hitting the Road this Holiday? Make Sure Your Car Isn’t Involved in Any Recalls

As you get ready to hit the road this Thanksgiving, make sure that your car is not included in one of the many recent recalls. It seems almost every day we hear about another automobile recall, ..

Stuck in An Elevator? Follow These Rules

An unexpected power outage in Berkeley, California and the surrounding area left 38,000 people in the city without power recently. Though the outage was relatively short (people were without power for a little over an ..

Our Partnership with The Safety Institute

Cash, Krugler and Fredericks began with a mission of service to our clients. Many of our clients come to us after traumatic events, seeking help for the life-altering changes they face in the future. After Jacob ..

Stay Up to Date on Product Recalls, Especially for Children

In response to receiving two reports of infants getting trapped between mattresses and end panels, Ikea is recalling 169,000 baby crib mattresses in North America. Staying up to date about product recalls on your own is ..

Deadly Guardrails Still on Georgia Highways

Earlier this month, we reported on the defective ET-Plus guardrail. Manufactured by Trinity Industries, these guardrails are on highways across the nation and here in Georgia. This dangerous guardrail is responsible for deaths and horrific ..