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Atlanta Law Firm Cash, Krugler & Fredericks represents victims and their families who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of intentional misconduct of others. The firm represents clients throughout the state of Georgia and in states across the country. Our firm’s philosophy differs from many others. Personal attention and service is the focus of our firm. We are not and do not want to be a “high volume” law firm. It is our belief and experience that each personal injury case requires significant time, effort and resources to maximize the recovery for our clients. Our firm therefore accepts a small number of cases, so that each case gets the full attention it needs and deserves. Our clients benefit as a result of this philosophy by having their cases prosecuted in an aggressive, efficient and thorough manner.

If you wish to discuss your case or need additional information, please feel free to use our Online Consultation Form, email us or call us at (404) 659-1710.

Please view the following short videos that should answer any questions you have about the process of hiring a lawyer, what to look for when hiring a lawyer and what it is like to work with Cash, Krugler & Fredericks.

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Benefits of Working with Cash, Krugler & Fredericks

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